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ANU校长见面会 – Meet ANU Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt

Meet with VC Session @ANU was co-hosted by the ANU and the ACT-CSSA. This event has achieved a great success in 2016, helping the Chinese students studying in ANU bond closer to the University. Check out our other insightful events like this.

学联迎接中国领导人习近平、李克强、刘延东访澳 – CSSA welcoming Chinese statespersons

In 2017, 2014 and 2012, ACT-CSSA was privileged to organize thousands of volunteers to assemble the welcome parades for President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and State Councilor Liu Yandong.

品牌活动 | 留澳学子大型文艺晚会 – CSSA Galas

As a tradition for more than 20 years, ACT-CSSA hosts a gala annually to celebrate Moon Festival and Chinese National Day. Previous venues included the Parliament of Australia, the Canberra Theatre, etc., catering for thousands of audience. It has been the largest and most influential Chinese event in Canberra, and the greatest Chinese students’ event in Australia.

ACT-CSSA Events Gallery

ACT-CSSA organizes more than 25 events annually, including the Mid-Autumn Festival & Chinese National Day Celebration Gala, which is Canberra’s largest and most influential Chinese event. Below are some of the pictures from our gallery.

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Here are some of the interesting figures about the Chinese Students in Canberra and the ACT-CSSA


Chinese students are studying in Canberra (2019)


students in Canberra are current members of the ACT-CSSA (2019)


and more events are hosted by ACT-CSSA every year


people in average attend ACT-CSSA’s events per annum


2019『启志东方·拾梦大洋』 留澳学子及华侨华人欢庆新中国成立70周年大型文艺晚会

The 2019 ACT-CSSA Gala in Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival & Chinese National Day

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